Just another security analyst?

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As pretty much all ‘how to be a blogger articles’ will tell you, late adopters of the medium (such as myself) are typically confronted by a crowded market place. The world of security analysis appears to be no exception. So do I have a niche/USP, and if so, what is it?

Well… I’ve spent the best part of ten years working for intelligence agencies in the UK and Australia, specialising in counter-terrorism. My Top Secret clearances allowed me to witness the modus operandi of numerous terrorist groups and networks at first hand. I’ve seen how different international intelligence agencies work, and what happens when they don’t.

It’s probably worth clarifying at this early stage that I’m no Edward Snowden. I won’t be revealing classified material or methodology, and I won’t comment on the veracity of any of his leaked material.

My blog will however be informed by my personal experience of the policies and strategies employed by intelligence agencies, and how they interact with central government policy. I will not always agree with their approach (and have not in the past), but I understand how they have got there and why.

My aim, wherever possible, will be to use the analytical skills developed during my intelligence career to provide a balanced, apolitical and nuanced view on the War on Terror.

Things I’m interested in writing about include:

– Radicalisation

– Counter-Terrorism policy responses

– Assessing the implications of terrorist incidents

– Assessing the threat posed by terrorist groups

I’m new to this but as much as possible, I’d like to engage with all (any?) readers of this blog, whether through the comments field, Twitter or direct email.



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